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Harper's Hut

Snow Cones Tulsa

Snow Cones Tulsa

Snow Cones Tulsa

Snow Cones Tulsa | Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice | Tulsa, Oklahoma

If you’re looking for Snow Cones Tulsa, Harper’s Hut is the place to be. It doesn’t matter if you’re coming from Tulsa Hills, Southern Hills, Utica Square, Catoosa, or Bixby we are your Snow Cone vendor in Tulsa. We know what you love Tulsa, blue raspberry, Tigers blood, volcanoes, sour apple, sour spray, gummy bears, we could go on for days. We know some of you like to be surprised. That’s why one of the items on our menu has no listed ingredients. That’s right, the Harper’s Hut Hush-Hush is exactly that, a mystery.

So when you’re driving, biking, roller-skating, skateboarding, rollerblading, or walking, stop in and try our Snow Cone Tulsa. There is no match. Harper’s Hut has three Tulsa County snow cone stands a.k.a. shaved ice stands. If you’re looking to book us for catering, don’t forget we cater shaved ice and java. We cater year-round and we have the ice chest, which serves 40 people and can be ordered year-round as well. Make every day a snow day. By enjoying a Harper’s Hut Snow Cone. Tulsa is the place to be in the summer, there’s no traffic and the weather is beautiful. If you’re curious how to book us for your Snow Cone event, then click the link below and it will take you to our booking page. You might see us around town in our shaved ice trucks and carts or even in our orange or white tents.

If you’re bringing inflatable party rentals to your party, don’t forget the best sno cone’s in Tulsa. Harper’s Hut shaved ice is the best dessert caterer around. Harper’s Hut caters hundreds of events a year. Did you know that we cater weddings? Bring your favorite snow cone flavors to your wedding! Ever wonder how we have the premium shaved ice snow cones in town? Keep wondering, because we’re not telling our secret! Remember, if you’re looking for a fun summer spot or year-round catering of snow cone Tulsa, Harper’s Hut is your destination.

We are your one stop shop for Snow Cones Tulsa.

Contact us on Facebook or our Website or call (918) 698-7101

Serving Green country with our shaved ice has been fun, a blast, an adventure. We’ve seen families connect, reconnect, and build lasting relationships with friends and others. 1800 Shaved Ice Sand Springs call (918) 698-7101

At our stands we have hula-hoops, games, Frisbee, soccer balls, bubbles, and so much more. Come enjoy an evening eating a sno ball and having a blast at Harper’s Hut.

What’s a sno ball? Sno ball is the New Orleans name for shaved ice. Although we prefer to call our product shaved ice, indeed, it is no different then a sno ball. Even the antiquated name snow cone can refer to our products. We however do have incredibly soft shaved ice, so whatever you call it, it’s going to be greatness!


When March comes, shaved ice season is full bast. We enjoy doing 100s of shaved ice and java events each year.


We are the most competitively priced shaved ice business in Green Country. We are home grown and have studied shaved ice business across the planet in order to develop our own products. Call For Information (918) 698-7101


Among weddings, we have several different set ups for classy events. From board rooms to out door festivals, we have the gear and the products to be an integral part of your big day. Call for more details about our wedding set up.

Enjoy Snow!

Our greatest joy is to see kids smile. Come and enjoy a sno ball at Harper’s hut today.

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