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Harper’s Hut University

Learn How to Start Your Own Shaved Ice Business

Are You Ready To Learn How To Start Your Own Shaved Ice Business?

Harper’s Hut has learned a lot over the years that we’ve been in business, growing, and expanding to multiple location in our hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  We’ve quit our regular, 9 to 5 day jobs and gone full time into the Shaved Ice Business, and enjoyed every minute of it.  Now we want to help you learn how to start your own shaved ice business too.

The Harper’s Hut team is currently developing a full, comprehensive program to help learn how you start your own shaved ice business. We’ll show you how to develop your business idea all the way through to starting and running your own shaved ice business.  We’re Calling It Harper’s  Hut University, or HHU for short, and we’d love to have you join us for our very first class.

Ready to learn?

Tired of your job, and wish you could just be your own boss?

Do you absolutely love shaved ice with a passion? Then, you may want to consider starting your own shaved ice business this year.  Perhaps the thought has already crossed your mind, but you’re unsure of where to begin, and what it will truly cost to make your dream a reality.

We’ll teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to open your own, independent shaved ice business and start making an income doing something that you enjoy.

We’ll be opening enrollment to a limited number of people during this first run of Harper’s Hut University.   We’ll also be offering a discounted price for this very first group of students.  We’ll also be offering world class support from our team of experienced shaved ice managers to help you out and show you how to start your own shaved ice business.  Ready to start?  Get on our waiting list here.

How  Harper’s Hut Began

The Harper’s Hut family started out with me (William) and my wife (Lindsey) and a goal to set up a stable, additional revenue stream for our family.  I had been working full time in higher education for many years, and had come to the realization that my heart was really full of passion for entrepreneurship.   The idea for Harper’s Hut started right here in our home town of Sand Springs, OK and grew from there.   I quit my full time job and launched Harper’s Hut full time, and year round.

Through out the years we’ve operated multiple shaved ice stands in Oklahoma, we’ve learned how to keep consistent revenue coming in year round. 


You might think that shaved ice is only a seasonal business, but that is simply not the case.    We’ve kept our amazing desserts going year round through partnering with many businesses and individuals who have events at all different times of the year.  Today, we’re proud to have multiple, successful locations for shaved ice through out northeast Oklahoma.  We want to show you how to do the same thing for your community and for your family.   Are you ready to start your own, independent shaved ice business?  We’re ready to help you.

Ready to learn?

HHU Includes in-depth training for:

  • Every step of the logistical process for setting up you structure
  • A detailed walk through for securing your first location
  • How to do organic marketing and become a fixture of your local community
  • How to make an exceptional shaved ice product
  • How  to set up your point of sale, supplies and train your staff
  • And much, much more…


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Create  Your Own Unique Brand

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design Customer Experience

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learn expert Organic Marketing

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create shaved ice


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How to set up your POS and inventory

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world class customer experience

Ready to learn?

Create Your Own Unique Shaved Ice Brand

We’re not in the cookie cutter business at Harper’s Hut.  We want to train and equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to create your own unique shaved ice brand.  We’ll walk you through our own mission statement and values and show you how to set up your own for your new business.   We’ll make sure you have everything you need to get started and establish your brand.  Our support community will also be ready to assist you with any questions that may arise through out the course. 

Design A World Class Customer Experience

Have you ever been to a food establishment and were blown away from the moment you walked in the door?  We’re going to show you how to create a world class customer experience.  Our world class customer service experience training will help you build a loyal customer base that will spread the word and draw in even more new business.   We’ve spent several years perfecting our customer experience and now we want to pass that knowledge on to you.   You will be able to start your business off the right way, with an amazing customer experience.  Let us show you how to start your own shaved ice business.

Master Organic Marketing

At Harper’s Hut, we want to help you become a fixture of your community.  We believe that your shaved ice business can become a thread that is knitted into the fabric of your community.  This is where organic marketing comes in.  We’ll teach you how to get involved and interact with your community.  We’ll also show you how to identify key opportunities during your day to day operation of the business so that a great opportunity never passes you by.  Organic marketing leads to growth and we’ll show you how.

Create Your Own Unique Shaved Ice Products

With Harper’s Hut University we will share some of our amazing, best in class shaved ice flavor combinations, but we’ll also show you how to create your own.  Our courses include tutorials on some of our best sellers like the infamous “Volcano”.   We’ll show you how to be creative with flavors and what combinations to avoid.  We’ll also show you how to identify new recipes with your customers all while providing that world class customer experience.

It’s time to start a new adventure and launch your own business

If you’ve been looking for a way to start your own, independent business and take a step towards being your own boss, we want to help you.  Starting your own shaved ice business can be the path to working independently that you’ve been looking for.   There is nothing quite as satisfying as being your own boss, creating a product that you believe in, and becoming a part of your community.  We’ll help you along every step of the way so that your first steps into running your own business will be completely on solid ground.  From our family to yours – let’s get started!


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