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Harper's Hut

Shaved Ice Sand Springs

Shaved Ice Sand Springs

Shaved Ice Sand Springs

In June of 2014, Harper’s Hut revitalized Shaved Ice in not only Sand Springs, but the greater Tulsa world as well. Husband-wife duo, Will and Lindsay Nozak, started Harper’s Hut with the goal of being the absolute best of the best, and they are already well on their way to that goal. Less than two months after they started their operation, they were named the “Best in the World” by the Tulsa World newspaper, and a year later they’ve got three huts, two mobile setups, and their creations are even available at the Sapulpa Aquatic Center’s concession stand! Competition has even stated that the “buzz” Harper’s has created about snow cones have increased their own sales higher than they’ve ever been. That’s right! Harper’s has the Tulsa community more excited about Shaved Ice than they’ve ever been before!

So what is it that’s got everyone so worked up? Harper’s Hut doesn’t settle for the status quo. They believe in challenging the norm and enhancing the snow cone experience to a level it’s never been seen at before. It starts with the snow cone itself. Not only do they provide the softest ice in town, but they also have the best flavors, the most original creations, the best original creations, the most toppings, and more. Harper’s Hut brings together unique qualities from Hawaii, Japan, Baltimore, New Orleans, and other famous snow cone locations and presents it in the most delicious gourmet shaved ice Sand Springs has ever seen!

Despite having the best shaved ice in Sand Springs, Harper’s Hut claims not to be selling a snow cone, but rather, an experience. That’s why they’ve also set out to create an atmosphere of wholesome fun and entertainment for the whole family. Harper’s has games, balls, hula hoops, Frisbees, and more, every day of the week so that there’s always something fun to do before and after you get your snow cone. Then, on weekends, they offer free family movie night all three of their locations to help provide your family with a great weekend outing at little to no cost. It doesn’t get any better than that! So come on down to the nearest Harper’s Hut location to you and enjoy a shaved ice experience that will leave you addicted!

Scott Emigh

Staff Writer


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