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Harper's Hut

Snow Cone Tulsa

Snow Cone Tulsa

Snow Cone Tulsa | Harper's Hut Shaved Ice

Snow Cone Tulsa | Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice

Snow Cone Tulsa | Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice | Tulsa, Oklahoma

You’re driving, and driving, and you look left and you look right and you wonder where the best Snow Cone Tulsa is? Let us make it easy on you. Harper’s Hut has the best snow cone in Tulsa. How do we know? The people have nominated Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice through the Tulsa World two years running. Now what makes this snow cone vendor superior to other snow cone vendors you ask (1) they give back to the community every year (2) they open their seasons giving away free snow cones at every stand, (3) they have games for children, and (4) the desserts are delicious!. Oh ya, (5) the stands aren’t just old, boring boxes; they are a work of art. In fact, at one of their locations they have a bubble machine running all season long. Yes, streaming lots and lots of bubbles almost like a dream!

So when you’re in Tulsa, and you’re looking for the best snow cone in Tulsa, Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice is it. Just jump on Highway 412, 169, or 244 and within 10 minutes of anywhere you will be at the nearest Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice location. In fact, depending upon what part of the season it is you may find them at a party or festival. Snow Cone, Snow Cone, Snow Cone, get your Snow Cone! It seems like every year more snow cone stands pop up at every corner. But one will stand the test of time and that is Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice. With three locations in the Tulsa region and six leases, you could find Harper’s Hut pretty much anywhere on the west side of Tulsa. Come and get your snow cone Tulsa today.

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