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Harper's Hut

Sno Cone Flavors Sand Springs

Sno Cone Flavors Sand Springs

Sno Cone Flavors Sand Springs

Let’s get one thing straight; flavor is important. It doesn’t matter how juicy your steak is if the juice is as bland as water. The same is true in shaved ice. It does not matter how soft your snow is if the flavor is as bland as water. Harper’s Hut understands this, and this is why they have the best sno cone flavors in Sand Springs. Harper’s Hut was founded in 2014 in Sand Springs, Oklahoma by CEO Will Nozak and his wife Lindsay, along with their friend and partner Daniel Nix. Their goal is to be the best in the business at providing gourmet shaved ice desserts at an affordable price for the whole family. Less than two months after opening their first hut, they were named the “Best in the World” by the Tulsa World newspaper, and a year later have expanded to four Huts and two mobiles with plans to add more.

So what makes Harper’s flavors so great? Well it starts with the ice. Some companies just love to talk about how soft their ice is. I’ve visited the two stands in Tulsa who claim to have the softest ice. One of them was so soft that the moment they applied syrups, they melted through the snow and merged together in a bland mess that was indistinguishable to the taste buds. I sampled three snow cones while I was there and every one of them tasted the same. Another stand tried packing their snow tighter to prevent this, and they couldn’t even get syrup halfway through the snowball. I ate soup for the first half, and flavorless ice for the last half. Don’t get me wrong, Harper’s Hut has some extremely soft snow, but they have the techniques and understanding of how to prepare it to maximize flavor. The syrup saturates every delicious inch of the snow, without pooling into a drinkable slushy.

The next important thing about flavor is the syrups themselves. While most of the stands in Tulsa have one vendor that they purchase all of their product from, Harper’s independently assesses each flavor in comparison to the flavors of a dozen other vendors. Harper’s official volunteer taste-test-team, which consists of both employees and loyal customers, picks the best vendor for each individual flavor so that Harper’s is guaranteed to have the best sno cone flavors in Sand Springs. Then, using the already delicious ingredient flavors, they design original creations unique to Harper’s Hut, such as the famous “Volcano” and “Harry Potter’s Butterbeer.” Today’s flavor of the day is “Barney.”

So if you want to experience the best sno ball flavors Sand Springs has to offer, then get on down to Harper’s Hut today! I know you’ll be impressed. So impressed that you may want to book us for your own private party, or let us participate in a fundraiser! You can even buy a $40 40-serving ice chest with up to three flavors that will stay fresh and cold for hours! Or instead of bringing us to your party, bring your party to us! We invite you to bring anyone and everyone down to Harper’s for a good time any day of the week with no cover charge! Enjoy all the free entertainment that’s there every day, or join us on the weekend for our free family movie nights in Sand Springs, Mannford, and Glenpool! So locate the nearest Harper’s Hut to you and come on down; I’ll see you there!

Scott Emigh

Staff Writer


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