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Harper's Hut

Gourmet Coffee Catering Tulsa

Gourmet Coffee Catering Tulsa


Gourmet Coffee Catering Tulsa | Harper's Hut Shaved Ice

Gourmet Coffee Catering Tulsa | Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice

Gourmet Coffee Catering Tulsa | Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice | Tulsa, Oklahoma

We understand, businesses don’t typically have the budget to have delicious coffee every single day of the week, however, many businesses have the ability to bring in a gourmet coffee catering business, such as Harper’s Hut shaved ice and Java. That’s where we come into play. Our mobile shaved ice and gourmet coffee bar is a perfect addition to the list of vendors that bring specialty products to your business, when you’re trying to pamper your employees. Not only do we have the ability to pamper employees, executives, or clients, we had the ability do churches, large organizations, schools, colleges, or any event or celebration that requires high quality, high volume, shaved ice or gourmet coffee. We understand, you need a cup to function. And when you drink it daily, it’s okay if it’s lower quality. But when you’re ready for our gourmet coffee bar catering service that brings high quality gourmet coffee, lattes, and espressos to your business you know who to call. Look, there is no Keurig in the world that can manufacture our coffee bar. Couple delicious, freshly roasted and cut beans with a standard of excellence for customer service and you have our gourmet coffee catering.

We know you’d drink mud if it would supply the caffeine that your daily cup does. But what about when you bring Harper’s Hut coffee bar to your place of business and the coffee smells like heaven in a cup, tastes like heaven in a cup, and takes you to a heavenly place? That is our coffee bar in a nutshell. You won’t want to add creamer or sugar to our coffee. You’ll want to drink it slowly savoring early, middle, and late flavor profiles. You might try one of our light to medium roasts, one our blends, or one of our medium roast coffees, or even enjoy one of our espressos or lattes. We won’t judge you, but what we will do is serve you with an unwavering standard of excellence to quality and even educate you as a consumer as to what it is that is so delicious that you are tasting inside your cup o’ Joe. Mornings, afternoons, winter and summer we are your gourmet coffee catering business.

We are your one stop shop for Gourmet Coffee Catering.

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