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How to Host a Shaved Ice Customer Appreciation Day

How to Host a Shaved Ice Customer Appreciation Day

Domes Shaved IceHow to Host a Shaved Ice Customer Appreciation Day: If your business is having an anniversary or would just like to get some notice, host a special day for your customers. Bring in a snow cone truck to your Tulsa location and give everyone who stops by a special treat. With the temperatures warming up, a cup of shaved ice is a nice sweet that could really bring in customers. But, planning an event like this doesn’t just happen. You have to plan. Here’s a checklist to help keep you on track.

Topics we will cover in this article about How to Host a Shaved Ice Customer Appreciation Day:

  • Set Goals and Create a Strategy
  • Keeping Within Budget
  • Planning a Date
  • Getting the Word Out
  • The Day of the Event

Set Goals and Create a Strategy

Before making specific plans, you should consider what you hope to achieve with this event. Start with a strategy. Make your goals, SMART, specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. Having a plan as to what you want out of an event can help you target your message and reach the right audience. A customer appreciation event isn’t just about thanking customers, it’s about branding, boosting sales and engaging customers.

Keeping Within Budget

Most likely, your small business will have to fund your event on its own. A shaved ice truck in Tulsa is very affordable and can handle small and large gatherings. If you have a neighboring business who would work with you, it might be worth sharing the expense. Your budget may need to include marketing, licenses and permits. It’s always a good idea to plan a 10 percent cushion for unexpected expenses.

Planning a Date

You need time for marketing and planning before your event. While you want a date that makes sense for your business, you also need to work around other local activities. You may need to be flexible. Think about your target customer. You may need to avoid holidays or popular vacation times, such as spring or fall break. It’s also important to make sure the shaved ice truck catering is available that day and time.

Getting the Word Out

Once you’ve set a date, it’s time to make sure your event is well attended. Use every marketing tool you have, from social media, email lists and direct mail. Put posters up in your store. Ask to get it on the calendar at your local Chamber of Commerce. Ask customers to share the event on their social media. Schedule a local celeb, like the mayor, a Tulsa Driller team member or football star to come out and join you. Use that in your publicity.

Your potential customer may need to see or hear the message at least seven times before taking action. Make sure to tell your target market why they should come out to your business. Send a press release and give journalists a reason why your event matters. Talk up your customer appreciation day as much as you can.

The Day of the Event

Have a plan to measure attendance and sales specifically at the event. Delegate responsibilities across your team but remind everyone to pitch in to fill gaps. Don’t forget to have a team member responsible for taking pictures of the event. Share photos on social media as they occur to keep the buzz going. Although the shaved ice catering team gives out the snow cones, you should engage with your customers and get them interested in what’s new in your store.

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