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Prattville Coffee: Why Does it Matter?

Prattville Coffee: Why Does it Matter?

Prattville Coffee: Why Does it Matter? | Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice & Java | Prattville, Oklahoma

Prattville Coffee | Harper's Hut

Prattville Coffee | Harper’s Hut

In a digital age, accessibility and speed are the only things that matter, right! Wrong! Although most things this rings true for, coffee, it does not. Yes, it is true, more machines are becoming automated, and coffee is going from a bean that is ground to a liquid concentrate at places such as gas stations and donut shops. Each year, more of the craft is taken out of something that requires human involvement and skill to produce a high quality beverage. You’ve seen the 30 machines at your local gas station with eight hundred flavor combinations. How is that even possible! Where are the freshly ground beans, how long ago were those beans roasted, what is your water-to-coffee ratio, I have questions about this coffee, hello! Does no one care about the quality of the product? I know I do and so do Prattville coffee drinkers. Don’t get me wrong, a great flavored beverage is delicious all year round. But coffee, yes coffee, and espresso…they march to the beat of a different drum. Coffee beans have expiration dates, roast dates, use by dates, best by dates, all of this matters concerning a quality beverage. So, if you’re use to that liquid version of the coffee bean, where there is no true barista looking after the quality and freshness of the product, you are not having a craft beverage. If you do not find a local brewer that can retain the integrity of the bean qualities it is unlikely you will ever be the true coffee expert, connoisseur, or even that trustworthy voice about coffee that you claim to be. Prattville coffee drinkers deserve the best

A typical bean whether roasted for drip coffee or for espresso is best tasted 7 days after roast date and no longer than 12 to 14 days past roast date. That is why beans are imported green and locally roasted. Coffee chains, gas stations, and donut shops serving beans that have been roasted months ago and/or have ground their beans days or even months ago are serving you a very low quality drink. If that is what you want, just drink the burn coffee from your job. Yack! It’s not a maybe, if, and, or but, a bean is best 7 days past roast, but once it is ground it should be brewed as quickly as possible. A bean that has degassed for too long will have a significantly less favorable taste then a bean that has been brewed with proper technique and care. Assuming the bean is a high quality bean from the plantation. Which most beans that produce low quality coffee are also low quality and defective beans. When a coffee shop is paying attention to the variables, brewing technique, bean integrity, and such, the consumer can actually drink the beverage and taste the coffee for the region is was grown (yum), the washing process used (yum), the roasting style used (yum), and the brewing techniques (yum)! Drinking coffee that is black and tasteless, bitter and rancid, or too flavored down with other products, destroys this experience. So coffee, yah, it matters for those reasons.

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