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Monk’s Head Latte Art | Harper’s Hut Java

Monk’s Head Latte Art | Harper’s Hut Java

Monk's Head Latte Art

It all begins with the Monk’s Head Latte Art!


The Monk’s head latte art is where we begin, because latte art is extremely important when making craft espresso drinks. First, it shows that you have steamed the milk properly. Not too little, which would make it impossible to draw a line in the top of the espresso, secondly, too much foam, which can cause a blobby mess at the top of the drink when you move in closer to the cup for the design.When making a monk’s head, remember a few basic steps

Monk’s Head Latte Art – Steps

Step 1

Chug enough foam into your milk with a one, two, three count or using the hand-temperature rule. All right, you’ve added the steam. Now drop the steam wand just below the milk surface in the first or second quadrant. Meaning, draw an X & Y axis: Y-axis goes through the pour spout of the pitcher. Make sure the milk is spinning in a vortex. This will institute the steam into the steamer. Wallah, step one is complete.

Step 2

Tamp the pitcher on a solid surface only to get big bubbles out of the mix, and then swirl in tight quick circles, until the mix looks like paint. Don’t stop until it looks like paint. Seriously, don’t stop…it will look like paint.

Step 3

Hold the cup in an X & Y formation, if you can visualize it. Tilt the receiving cup at a 45-degree angle (not necessary as some people pour into the receiving cup on a flat surface). Then, start pouring the milk in the deepest part of the cup, only pour into the other areas of the cup if you need to clear white lines created from foam. Pour about 5-6 inches above the cup, with a slow steady pour. The pour should be as thick as a pencil.

Step 4

As the cup starts to fill bring the pitcher closer to the receiving cup and gradually move in toward the center and speed up the pour. While doing so, set the edge of the pitcher on the edge of the cup and tilt the pitcher-pouring end into the cup. Almost as if you are going to dip it into the cup, this will help you hit the correct speed for the design. These steps are the same for all the typical latte art designs.

Step 5

Lastly, the trick with the monk’s head is very little movement. Once you have moved closer to the receiving cup, tilt your pitcher in, and hovered above the center of the cup. As you pour, a monk’s head will naturally form.

Once you get a monk’s head down, you can honestly do any other design. This design helps you master the first four techniques, which determine If you will get a good design or not.


Hand-Temperature Rule – When the side of the pitcher is hand-temperature make sure all noise has ceased.


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