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Latte Coffee Prattville

Latte Coffee Prattville

Heart Latte Art Tutorial | Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice & Java | Prattville, Oklahoma

Prattville Coffee

Prattville Coffee

This is latte coffee prattville. Make sure to read the article Monk’s Head Latte Art Tutorial as it explains the first steps in detail. Here is a summary of those steps.

Steam your milk.

Tamp the pitcher on a solid surface only to get big bubbles out of the mix, and then swirl in tight quick circles, until the mix looks like paint.

Start pouring the milk in the deepest part of the cup, only pour into the other areas of the cup if you need to clear white lines created from foam. Pour about 5-6 inches above the cup, with a slow steady pour. The pour should be as thick as a pencil.

Latte Coffee Prattville: Here is the scoop.

As the cup starts to fill, bring the pitcher closer to the receiving cup, gradually move in toward the center, and speed up the pour. Set the edge of the pitcher on the edge of the cup and tilt the pitcher-pouring end into the cup.

These steps are the same for all the typical latte art designs.

(5) With the monk’s head, use very little movement once you have moved closer to the receiving cup, tilt your pitcher in, and hover above the center of the cup. As you pour, a monk’s head will naturally form.

(6) Turn that monk’s head into a heart by pushing your stream a little closer to the center and it will form the upper part of the heart. Once formed, you will then continue pouring but with a very thin stream. Lift up as if you’re going up an elevator and then run straight through the heart, like you’re going down the hall. Up the elevator and down the hall! Keep the pour light as you can really blow through the heart or dump a ton of milk on the other side of the cup.

Latte Coffee Prattville: Side Note.

On a side note, if you want to create a layered heart just incorporate a very slight wiggle. Practice with water from cup to pitcher. Rinse and repeat. Or you will use the gallons! A heart with a wiggle addition is the beginning of the Rosetta!

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