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Tulsa Shaved Ice History


Tulsa Shaved Ice History

Tulsa Shaved Ice History

In this article we’ll cover two main sections of history:


Tulsa Shaved Ice History

A sweet, frozen dessert is something we all crave in the middle of a scorching Oklahoma summer. With shaved ice stands in Tulsa and shaved ice trucks driving around Oklahoma delivering this treat all However, it wasn’t modern minds which came up with the idea for beating the heat with ice-based treats. No, shaved ice has been around since even the ancient times. While they didn’t gain their mass appeal until modern times, shaved ice has been served to rulers in Japan and Rome. In this article, we’ll take a quick look at the long and, dare we say, delicious history of the household delicacy that is shaved ice.

Shaved Ice History

Ancient History

Shaved ice is ancient, finding its roots in Japan in the 8th century B.C. Originally, shaved ice was made with mountain snow as a delicacy for royalty.
This was found in more places than just ancient Japan, though. In the Roman Empire, there are some accounts claiming Nero Caesar requested mountain snow to be made into a dessert with flavored syrup. The syrup they used would have been different to our modern flavor syrups; Caesar likely ate his snow with fruit and honey for flavoring. Nonetheless, it’s clear that shaved ice has been a favorite since even ancient times.

Similar to what the Japanese did, during the Roman Empire, legends say that the Roman emperor sent his servants to get snow from the mountains and bring it to the city, where flavored syrup was added. This is considered to be the first true frozen dessert.

Modern Era

Snow cones are an old dessert, originating back in the 1850s in the United States. Initially, they were ice chips handed out to children by ice wagon drivers, and flavored with egg custard. As time went on, the snow cone continued to grow in popularity. In the 1860s, Japanese immigrants arrived in Hawaii by the thousands, and they brought shaved ice with them. As time passed, and some of the Japanese immigrants opened stores, they sold shaved ice flavored with the local flavors of Hawaii.

In the late 1800s, some theaters began serving them to their upper-class patrons. By 1919, Samuel Bert invented the snow cone machine, and tested it out during the Texas State Fair. Needless to say, it was a success.

When the Great Depression struck the United States, shaved ice was one treat which endured, as they were relatively inexpensive, making them a good item to sell. The process became easier in 1934, thanks to a man in New Orleans who invented the block ice shaver. No longer did shaved ice need to be made entirely by hand. When World War II broke out, shaved ice became the go-to replacement for ice cream since ice cream was being shipped overseas as a treat for the U.S. Navy.

These days, shaved ice and snow cone stands are commonly seen during the summer, offered with many colorful flavors and toppings. No matter the day or age, it doesn’t seem like snow cones are going anywhere anytime soon.

Shaved Ice, Italian Ice and Snow Cones – What’s the Difference?


What’s the Difference?

 Before snow cones were even a dessert option, it was hard to even come by ice for a cold drink.  In the early 1800s, ice was only available to the wealthy, who would harvest ice from ponds and streams in the winter and store it in ice houses to use during the summer. New England businessmen started to export this natural ice to the southern states, creating a new market for the commodity. It wasn’t until the end of the century that artificial ice and refrigeration changed the market and made ice more readily available to everyone.
Kids would follow the ice wagon and ask for scrapes of ice from the blocks. Their moms would make egg custard to flavor the ice. Thus, the first snow-cones were made. Later, movie theaters would shave ice by hand and serve the ice to keep their patrons cool. This ice was seen as an upper-class treat.
During the 20th century, sno-cones became an affordable treat. A man in Texas invented the sno-cone machine. An ice block shaver was invented in Louisiana. Ice cream also became widely available during this time frame, because of the technological advances in refrigeration.


Frozen Desserts

You’ve probably seen Italian ice, water ice, shaved ice and snow cones. Do you know the difference?
  • Italian ice – this concoction is closer to ice cream or sorbet, but it doesn’t include any milk. The ingredients are mixed together and frozen like ice cream. It’s also called water ice.
  • Granita – this dessert is related to sorbet or gelato, but it typically has a coarser texture, more like a sno-cone. Granita is a mixture that is frozen then scraped to separate the crystals before serving.
  • Sno-cone or snow cone – Sno-cones are usually coarse and granular ice covered in a syrup usually served in a paper cup or cone. Plain ice is crushed into fine pieces.
  • Shaved ice or snowballs – Water is frozen into blocks, then finely shaved right before serving, almost like a snow. The small pieces of ice absorb the flavoring, which is added after shaving. In Texas, it might be referred to as a raspa, or raspado. New Orleans calls them Sno-balls. Each culture seems to have their own name for this type of dessert.
  • Slushie – this frozen drink is made with a mixture of sugar, flavor and water. The machine stirs the mixture and keeps it from freezing hard, so that wet, slurry mixture is created.
  • Snow cream – this could refer to snow ice cream, where snow is mixed with a sweetened dairy base to make a fun dessert. It might also be a cream-based dessert or whipped cream.

Which Is Better?

There’s clearly a difference between all these types of frozen desserts. You can find each of them in a variety of flavors. Of course here at Harper’s Hut, we’re partial to shaved ice, but it really depends on your preference. The one thing we can all agree on is that these popular treats are excellent ways to cool off in the hot summer months, especially here in Tulsa.

How to Host a Shaved Ice Customer Appreciation Day

Domes Shaved IceHow to Host a Shaved Ice Customer Appreciation Day: If your business is having an anniversary or would just like to get some notice, host a special day for your customers. Bring in a snow cone truck to your Tulsa location and give everyone who stops by a special treat. With the temperatures warming up, a cup of shaved ice is a nice sweet that could really bring in customers. But, planning an event like this doesn’t just happen. You have to plan. Here’s a checklist to help keep you on track.

Topics we will cover in this article about How to Host a Shaved Ice Customer Appreciation Day:

  • Set Goals and Create a Strategy
  • Keeping Within Budget
  • Planning a Date
  • Getting the Word Out
  • The Day of the Event

Set Goals and Create a Strategy

Before making specific plans, you should consider what you hope to achieve with this event. Start with a strategy. Make your goals, SMART, specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. Having a plan as to what you want out of an event can help you target your message and reach the right audience. A customer appreciation event isn’t just about thanking customers, it’s about branding, boosting sales and engaging customers.

Keeping Within Budget

Most likely, your small business will have to fund your event on its own. A shaved ice truck in Tulsa is very affordable and can handle small and large gatherings. If you have a neighboring business who would work with you, it might be worth sharing the expense. Your budget may need to include marketing, licenses and permits. It’s always a good idea to plan a 10 percent cushion for unexpected expenses.

Planning a Date

You need time for marketing and planning before your event. While you want a date that makes sense for your business, you also need to work around other local activities. You may need to be flexible. Think about your target customer. You may need to avoid holidays or popular vacation times, such as spring or fall break. It’s also important to make sure the shaved ice truck catering is available that day and time.

Getting the Word Out

Once you’ve set a date, it’s time to make sure your event is well attended. Use every marketing tool you have, from social media, email lists and direct mail. Put posters up in your store. Ask to get it on the calendar at your local Chamber of Commerce. Ask customers to share the event on their social media. Schedule a local celeb, like the mayor, a Tulsa Driller team member or football star to come out and join you. Use that in your publicity.

Your potential customer may need to see or hear the message at least seven times before taking action. Make sure to tell your target market why they should come out to your business. Send a press release and give journalists a reason why your event matters. Talk up your customer appreciation day as much as you can.

The Day of the Event

Have a plan to measure attendance and sales specifically at the event. Delegate responsibilities across your team but remind everyone to pitch in to fill gaps. Don’t forget to have a team member responsible for taking pictures of the event. Share photos on social media as they occur to keep the buzz going. Although the shaved ice catering team gives out the snow cones, you should engage with your customers and get them interested in what’s new in your store.

10 Great Ways to Celebrate Spring in Tulsa

10 Great Ways to Celebrate Spring in Tulsa: The temperatures in Oklahoma are starting to warm up and be more dependable. Everyone wants to get outside and enjoy the weather. If you’re looking for some of the best ways to celebrate spring in the Tulsa metro area, check out these fun ways to get more active and stay outside:

Get to the Farmers’ Market

The spring season for local produce kicks off on April 7. Many of the local markets host special opening days where you’ll find fresh vegetables and fruits that are grown locally to have the best flavors. Put it on your Saturday list so you don’t forget.

Visit the Tulsa Botanic Garden

Spring flowers in Tulsa are absolutely gorgeous as they come into bloom. The Tulsa Botanic Blooms! Festival from March 21 through April 22 is a wonderful place to see thousands of flowers expertly planted and arranged for maximum effect.

Go Hiking at Oxley Nature Center

Spring is a great time to enjoy the outdoors in Oklahoma. Oxley Nature Center is a great park to find wildlife, interactive exhibits and miles of trails to explore. Get out in nature now before it heats up and you just don’t want to be outside.

Drop a Hook in the Water

Tulsa has about 15 urban ponds with fishing areas. Crappies are very active in the spring months, so you should expect to catch something when you go out. Don’t forget to check out some of the local lakes around Tulsa if you want more of a challenge.

Look at a Tulsa Calendar for Weekend Events

April is chock full of special events, like the Hip Hop 918: Kickin’ It Oldschool at Guthrie Green on April 7. Harper’s Hut is hosting its 3rd annual car show, the Harper’s Hut Classic on April 14 at the Case Community Center. You’ll find lots of spring events in the metro that are affordable and fun for the whole family when explore a city calendar.

Start Your Own Garden

Get some starter plants and put them out in your flower beds or start a container garden on your patio. Digging in the dirt is thought to be very therapeutic and relaxing. When you’re finished, clean up and find a sno cone truck for a special treat.

Take a Day Trip to Muskogee

Honor Heights Park is home to the Azalea Festival. During the entire month of April, the 40-acre park is decorated with over 625 varieties of azaleas, provided nature cooperated. Things are looking good this year for some beautiful blooms. The dogwoods and wisteria should also be in bloom, making this a floral wonderland. Muskogee is just about an hour’s drive from Tulsa, so you’ll have plenty of time to visit the park, enjoy dinner at the Amish Country Store & Restaurant and make a stop at the Five Civilized Tribes Museum.

Best Of The Best - Tulsa Shaved IcePlan a Party with Shaved Ice

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, graduation or just the end of school, shaved ice makes parties more fun. Get a snow cone rental for the easiest solution or choose the Ice Chest, a cooler filled with shaved ice and three flavors for the yummiest snow cones around. Better yet, plan a movie and sno cone event. We bring a 12-foot blow up screen, professional sound system and video projector along with our gourmet snow cones. Plan a shaved ice party.

Celebrate Birthdays With a Shaved Ice Party

 Private Birthday Party - Kayden Depew1 - HHCelebrate Birthdays With a Shaved Ice Party: Shaved ice might bring to mind a tropical luau, but there’s no reason to have a Hawaiian-themed party just to serve shaved ice treats. Snow cones and shaved ice are fun treats that can help your guests cool off after the activities at your event. If you’re looking for party ideas in Tulsa that are affordable and simple, bring winter to your spring, summer or fall party with shaved ice from Harper’s Hut.


3 Birthday Party Ideas With Shaved Ice


If you need to make a birthday special, let us help you plan the event. We have special packages that can take the stress out of planning. We have special menus to make your event special and memorable. Choose the event idea that fits into your party and let us handle the rest.

  1. Movie and a sno-cone

Kids and teens will enjoy a low-key evening with a movie and gourmet snow cones. We bring a huge 12-foot screen, professional sound system and video projector and handle all the set-up. You choose a movie from the Criterion list that we can show to your guests. Plus, we serve gourmet shaved ice during the evening to keep everyone happy.

  1. Snowball fight

We prepare buckets of shaved ice that can be used to make snowballs for a great party. When the Oklahoma temperatures seem unbearable, you and your guests will enjoy throwing snowballs at each other to help everyone cool off. Afterwards, serve up gourmet shaved ice treats made by our sno-istas.

  1. The Ice Chest

    For smaller groups, bring shaved ice treats to your party in an ice chest. We pack up shaved ice in a cooler and include three gourmet flavors of your choice. If you’re in a time crunch, we can even deliver it right to your party to knock one item off your to-do list. The Ice Chest serves up to 40 people and it keeps the shaved ice cold for several hours. Let us give you flavors that enhance your theme. We love to be creative.

 Shaved Ice Catering

Best Of The Best - Tulsa Shaved IceThe best way to enjoy Hawaiian shave ice is right as it is prepared. If you’re hosting a huge group of people for an event, we bring the shaved ice to your party and serve your guests. Our team knows how to plan a party for a big day. Let us help you plan your event and make it the best one ever with shaved ice and sno cones prepared right on site. Whatever type of birthday party you’re hosting, from a kid’s birthday party, a formal quinceañera or grandma’s 80th birthday party, we’ve got you covered with fun flavors.

Our mission is to provide affordable desserts that are family-friendly. We promise to have the softest snow for creating delicious gourmet treats. We use high-quality syrup and premium add-ins, like gummi bears, sour worms and whip cream. Whether you visit one of our stores or have us cater your event, you know you’ll be getting personal service and an excellent shaved ice treat.


5 Best Caterers in Tulsa  

Domes Shaved Ice5 Best Caterers in Tulsa: Green Country has some amazing caterers for weddings, parties and special events. Whether you’re looking for a sit-down formal dinner or a casual backyard BBQ, when you have a group of people to feed get help from these Tulsa caterers. When the food is handled, you can relax and enjoy the party yourself.





With appetizers on the menu like maple glazed duck breast, tenderloin sliders and sweet corn pimento cheese sliders, you can easily see that Juniper focuses on traditional American cuisine with an upscale twist. The entrée menu is just as special. Grilled bone-in pork chop with apple mostarda, king salmon with champagne honey glaze or brown butter trout with amandine are just a few of the house specialties. Although Juniper doesn’t have a gluten-free or vegan menu, they can accommodate the diners at your party.

Ti Amo

For almost 30 years, Ti Amo has been providing exceptional Italian/American cuisine. Its professional catering team is top-notch, offering great service and exquisitely prepared salads, pastas and entrees. They cater events like graduation parties, showers, weddings and corporate events with attendance up to 1,000. We think the food is wonderful and would make a great addition your private party.

2 Pops Catering

For a less formal catering experience, try 2 Pops Catering, which features smoked meets and all the sides you could imagine for an outdoor BBQ. The owners are local with history in the food service industry. They know what kind of food brings Oklahomans together. They offer great food, quality service and on-time delivery. With their BBB Rating of A+, you know that you’re going to be well taken care of with these caterers in Tulsa.

Ludger’s Catering

Ludger’s Catering & Events has more than 30 years of service in the area. Although it’s been under new management since 2009, it still has amazing food and service. You can choose to have a sit-down affair or set up as a buffet. They offer a varied menu, with American classics such as grilled chicken, sliced tenderloin or herb-crusted pork loin with sides, bread, salad and iced tea. If you want something fancier, have a chef carving station with prime rib or honey-glazed ham. This local catering service offers everything you need for the perfect party, from dinnerware to bar staff.

Goodies Catering

One of the best things about Goodies Catering is that you can get breakfast catering, as well as lunch and dinner. This catering service has almost 30 years of experience providing meals for Tulsans at weddings, corporate events and parties. Whether you’re looking for a classic, upscale or casual meal, you’ll find a large selection of entrees, hors d’oeuvres or chef’s stations, you can choose the perfect menu to make your event stand out. 

Just Want A Dessert Caterer?

Sometimes, you don’t need a full menu of food, you just want something special for dessert. Think Harper’s Hut shaved ice for a birthday or post-wedding party when you want a cool treat without having a full catered dinner. We bring everything you need to serve cups of shaved ice with delicious flavors to your guests. 5 Best Caterers in Tulsa.  

Caterers in The Tulsa Metro

Tips for Choosing Caterers in the Tulsa Metro for Your Next Event

Shaved Ice Tulsa

When you’re hosting a party, you have dozens of details to worry about. Food is generally high up on the list. Choosing a catering company can be quite daunting. There are probably hundreds of companies that offer catering in the Tulsa metro, from formal wedding meals to birthday party fun and desserts. One of the first things you need to do is to decide on your concept and a date.

Questions to Narrow the Choices

Fundraisers & Non-profitsOnce you know what type of party you’ll be hosting, you need to consider the venue. Many party venues only work with specific caterers, in which case you’ll have to decide from their list. We recommend having a date and venue before you speak to a catering company. The more specifics you can give to the caterer, the more likely you’ll be able to find a caterer who fits your needs.

When you start out calling catering companies, you should have a good idea about your budget, the size of the party and what kind of food you want. A sit-down wedding reception is much different than a party where you want passed hors d’oeuvres. You may want to think about whether you need tables, glassware, linens or staffing. Your event caterer can help you plan, source and enjoy your event by offering excellent food and service.

Interviewing Tulsa Caterers

Make a list of caterers you’re interested in. Ask your friends or colleagues for recommendations. You might even ask your favorite local restaurants if they offer catering services. Start calling the Tulsa catering companies and ask:

  • Are you available on the date of the event?
  • Can you handle my event? Some caterers may not be able to take on larger events, or they may not do smaller parties.
  • Do you have any special needs? Maybe you want a special dish that isn’t part of the caterer’s menu or you have dietary requirements. Can the caterer meet those needs?
  • Does the caterer have references?
  • Work out the extra details, service, staffing alcoholic drinks, linens and other equipment.
  • Get an estimate, preferably in writing. Ask about a breakdown of costs, from gratuities, service fees, food and beverage costs, rentals and any sales tax.
  • Talk to the caterer about the contract, payment schedule and cancellation terms. Know the dates you have to make payments and give head counts.
  • Do they provide a tasting? Some caterers charge extra for this service, but if you’re having a hard time narrowing down the menu, it can be beneficial.

Make Your Catered Event Special

Working with a great caterer lets you focus on your guests instead of worrying about the food. Birthday party caterers in Tulsa, such as Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice can let you enjoy the event instead of having to stay in the kitchen or at the grill making sure the food keeps coming out. Make your Tulsa event even more special by finding the right caterer that will make the food memorable.

Snow Cones vs. Shaved Ice

You could travel all over the world and discover all kinds of ice-based treats. Their names might be different, their flavors might vary, and you might find there are a great number of techniques used to make them, but one thing is for certain. Ice treats are loved across the globe. In Tulsa, two of the most popular varieties of these frozen desserts are snow cones and shaved ice. People sometimes use these phrases used interchangeably, but they actually describe two different treats.

How are they different? While, admittedly, they do share some similarities, the ice’s texture is where the greatest difference lies. The following will help you understand more about these famous desserts and what makes them unique.

What is a Snow Cone?

Domes Shaved IceNo doubt, you’ve probably eaten at least one snow cone (AKA a sno cone or snowball) in your life, especially if you avidly attend baseball games and carnivals.

These ice-based desserts are covered with a sweet, flavored syrup, and have a crunchy texture. Much of the syrup served with snow cones usually flows towards the bottom of their serving container, so the lower half of the snow cone often has more flavor than the upper portion.

They’re mostly served in a Styrofoam cup or wax paper cone. Perhaps the largest difference, however, is that snow cones are made using crushed ice which tends to stay in larger shards.

What is Shaved Ice?

Shaved ice is known by many names, depending where you are from. You might know it as Hawaiian ice or shave ice, but it all refers to this particular dessert. AD: Find Marriage & Family Services Tulsa>

Unlike snow cones, which tend to be crunchier and made with thicker ice shavings, shaved ice is a texture more like snow. It’s soft, fluffy, and holds the flavored syrup consistently throughout the ice. Often, you will find you have more variety of flavors to choose from with shaved ice than you would with a standard snow cone.

Shaved Ice TulsaYou could go for the traditional method of eating shaved ice with tropical fruit flavors such as mango, kiwi fruit, pineapple, or maybe a combination of several fruits.

Alternatively, you could choose from more unconventional flavors, such as root beer to dill pickle. Another difference is that shaved ice tends to be sold in different locations than snow cones, usually a roadside shaved ice stand, or sometimes in a mobile shaved ice truck. Instead of using crushed ice, shaved ice is quite literally shaved from a large ice block. In addition to all of this, shaved ice can be served with various toppings.

If you ever try traditional Hawaii shave ice, the cone or cup it’s served in might have vanilla ice cream at the bottom, or possibly some adzuki bean paste. In some cases, the top of the shaved ice might even be covered with sweetened condensed milk. If you have it this way, you’re eating your shaved ice with a “snow cap.”

No matter which one you prefer, if you enjoy these ice-based treats, look for a Tulsa shaved ice service near you.


Why Not Have a Shaved Ice Truck Birthday?

Why Not Have a Shaved Ice Truck Birthday?

Imagine this: you have the most amazing birthday party planned, but after a hot day of playing in the sun, your guests want nothing more than to cool off. You need refreshments and fast. What do you do? You hire Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice to cater to your birthday guests.

With a wide selection of flavors, this frosty treat is sure to be a crowd pleaser for both children, and adults! Harper’s Hut wants to provide you with fun desserts for an affordable price, and, at the same time, give back to the community by partnering with non-profit organizations. Check snow cone truck availability>>

Need Fun Party Ideas?

No problem! Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice has plenty of fun party ideas. With our skilled team of party planners, you will no longer need to stress over how to plan your loved one’s next birthday. We have plenty of packages and tricks up our sleeves, some that you might have never thought could even be done. Tulsa Party Ideas>>

We Work for You

At Harper’s Hut, you can count on us to help make your vision a reality. To us, the customer should be treated like family. A birthday should be a day of fun and relaxation, and Harper’s Hut will work with you as a team to make sure your day goes off exactly as you planned it. We want you and your family to have a good time, and we are always learning new ways to do that.

Private Birthday Party - Carsyn - HH

A Unique Birthday Treat

Cake is good, but do you know what is even better? Cake flavored shaved ice. Harper’s Hut keeps the menu up to date with some of the most one of a kind flavors around the Sand Springs area. Everything from lemon, to banana, or even cola or dill pickle, you can find what you are looking for at Harper’s Hut. Sweet, sour, and everything in between, we have it all, and always served on our soft, refreshing, high quality shaved ice. Gone are the days of worrying if your guests liked vanilla or chocolate, now they can get whatever flavor they want. Get a birthday party menu>>

Get a Shaved Ice Birthday Party Package

Maybe you have a more specific idea in mind. Harper’s Hut has you covered there too! With our creative package ideas, your family will have a party they will never forget. Pay for snow cone party>>

The Ice Chest | Harper's Hut Shaved Ice

The Ice Chest

If your birthday party requires you to move around to different locations, we can accommodate you. The Ice Chest, as the name implies, is an ice chest full of our delicious snow, filled up with three flavors of your choice. We will deliver it to your event, so you can enjoy the day without worrying about catering. Even if you invited a whole army of guests, we have you covered. The Ice Chest not only stays cold for hours, but it can feed over forty people! The Ice Chest is convenient, fun, and comes right to your door. Is there anything not to love?

Movie and a Sno Cone

What better way to end a party than by enjoying shaved ice and a movie? Haper’s Hut, in partnership with Criterion, has a great selection of movies children and teens will love, projected onto our inflatable screen so you and your guests can enjoy a movie under the stars. Why not have some sno cones while you are there at one of our convenient locations? Whether you have a large party, or a small one, we are happy to make sure your birthday guests can sit back, relax, and enjoy the snow. Check out our HH social media to see what we have going on at our stands>>

Looking for Something Else?

Feel free to contact us. We are on your team to make sure your event is perfect! You can get in touch with us here on our website.

We even offer online shaved ice training to help you know all of the ins and outs of the shaved Ice business, machines, flavors, and everything else you know to have a successful event.

Pricing for Catering Shaved Ice

As we said, we like to help with our affordable prices. Some shaved ice trucks can charge $4.00 for a medium sized sno cone, but with us you can get a large for just $3.50! If you contact us about one of our package deals, you will see even more just how amazing our prices are. We will give you an estimate cost for your event, so you know exactly what you are going to be charged. Birthdays have never been so reasonably priced!

Shaved Ice Reviews: Harper’s Hut is Loved by Oklahomans

If you check out Facebook, Yelp, Google, and the Yellow Pages, and you will see how much Oklahoma loves Harper’s Hut. People love our helpful staff, our family-friendly environment, and our wonderful variety of flavors. All the more reason you should consider Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice for your upcoming birthday party. Why Not Have a Shaved Ice Truck Birthday?>>

Snow Cone Events

Old Fashioned Ice Shaver

Snow Cone Events

Snow cones are a fantastic sweet treat for any day, and shared in the company of friends and family only makes them sweeter. Snow cone parties are fun for any occasion, for your church, your school, or your own backyard. Our hard-working employees have experience in all kinds of events. Between our competitive rates and quality snow cone service, your next event will be a blast. With birthdays, weddings, snowball fights, if you want to do something different, Harper’s Hut can provide. Book Tulsa Shaved Ice Truck>>

Snow Cone Trailer

One of the best parts about all of this is that we can come to you. Our state of the art snow cone trailer is fully equipped with everything needed to serve your family and friends their favorite snow cone flavors. Our gourmet shaved ice has hundreds of flavors and flavor combinations, so whether you are a child or an adult, you can find your favorite shaved ice flavor. We keep our trailer cool, so the snow does not melt, even on the hottest summer days. Whether you want a classic flavor like cherry or banana, something unique like pickle juice or almond, or even a snow cone covered with toppings, our snow cone trailer has everything you need. Snow Cone Trailer>>

Birthday Music

If you need birthday party music, or just fun music for your special occasion, Harper’s Hut’s snow cone trailer comes equipped to play songs to keep the party lively. Whether it is just a small backyard get together, or a church wide event, we will keep the good times rolling with our snow cone trailer.

Mobile Snow Cones

Best of all, Harper’s Hut’s snow cone trailer serves you year around, and will come to you for your convenience. No matter the time of day or place, Harper’s Hut is happy to bring out our snow cone trailer any day of the week. Harper’s Hut takes pride in its employees’ ability to adapt and tailor any party to suit your needs. Snow cones, shaved ice, snowballs, hawaii’s finest, New Orleans sno balls>>

Best Of The Best - Tulsa Shaved Ice

Snow Cone Wedding

Couples more and more are looking for ways to make their wedding fun and distinct, and want to use it as a chance to highlight their likes and interests. A snow cone wedding can help you break away from the traditional, and bring something exciting for all of your guests. Children, teens, adults, and elderly can find something they love at our first-class desert bar.

No Need to Add to Your Wedding Expenses

A snow cone wedding provides exciting catering for your guests, without any worry of emptying your bank account. A Harper’s Hut snow cone wedding is affordably priced, so there is no need to spend all of your hard-earned money on food. We will even serve your guests, so everyone can enjoy this momentous occasion stress free.

Events | Harper's Hut Shaved Ice

Snow Cone Party

Are you having a house party, birthday party, or a back to school party? Harper’s Hut has many options to choose from to make any party a snow cone party. We are glad to accommodate you. Harper’s Hut can bring out the Ice Chest to your event, where you can pick three flavors, and we will deliver an ice chest filled with our gourmet shaved ice. The Ice Chest stays cold for hours, and feeds over forty people. Do you like movies? You can schedule a visit to one of our locations to enjoy a film under the stars. If you want something else entirely, we are glad to help you.

Harper’s Hut has hired a team of over twenty dedicated employees who want to make your party a hit. Besides proficiently performing their standard duties (maintenance, food preparation, set up and tear down, etc.), Harper’s Hut staff will work with you to brainstorm ideas for your snow cone event, so your needs will be met. They are also innovators, working to find new ways to make our snow cone parties the best. We have history to back up our claims. In a year, we can work nearly 200 events. With so many happy customers in our wake, Harper’s Hut has been a smash hit. If you can think of an event, we have done it.


Snow Ball Fights

Any time of year is a good time of year for a snow ball fight. With the magic of our soft shaved ice, we can create snowballs for your church’s snow cone event. Harper’s Hut will bring out ice chests full of snow balls, and if you have a parking lot, open field, or other large stretch of land we can set up a field on, then you can have a snow ball fight. If you want a white Christmas but the weather will not cooperate, or you want to see it snow on the Fourth of July, we can bring out our snow balls for a good time for all ages.


Book us for Your Shaved Ice Party

Now that you know about all of the wonderful parties Harper’s Hut can host, why not give us a call? We want to make your next snow cone event, the event of a lifetime. Shaved Ice Party Book Now>> Websites & SEO Tulsa>>

Harpers Hut Shaved Ice